Last year, the Long Beach Post was interested in writing a story about us. During the busy holiday weekend, the organization paid us a visit and began experience the sights and sounds of Greece. For more on their trip report, please read on.

For those who move to Long Beach for the first time, it is an iconic structure that immediately piques curiosity: sitting along PCH across from Bixby Village Golf Course, the Assumption Orthodox Greek Church captivates the eye with its Grecian white-and-blue color scheme and beautiful dome. It is also home to the Long Beach Greek Festival, an annual festivity that celebrates its 65th birthday this weekend.

In 1933, the Assumption Orthodox Greek Church bought a parcel of land at PCH and Pacific Ave. to build what would be their home for nearly six decades. Sixteen years later, it would inaugurate the Long Beach Greek Festival as a Labor Day celebratory staple.

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