There’s A Lot of Cooking Going On

During the past few weeks, many volunteers have been preparing delicious dishes and pastries.

Next weekend, visitors at the Greek Festival will be able to try the dishes that we are sure will be a treat for the senses. Some of the dishes will include Pastitsio (seasoned ground beef and macaroni topped with a tasty Bechamel sauce), Spanakopita (filo pastry with spinach and Greek Feta cheese filing), Tyropita (Greek Feta Cheese wrapped in Filo dough), Dolmades (marinated grape leaves stuffed with rice and seasoned ground beef), Greek seasoned chicken, lamb, chicken and vegetarian shish kabobs (Souvlakia).

Visitors will also be able to drink a hot cup of fresh brewed Greek coffee (Kafe) or Greek iced coffee (Frappe), a favorite of the Greeks!

The 2015 festival begins next Saturday, September 5 and runs trough Labor Day Monday, September 7. Gates open at 12 noon daily.

For more information and behind-the-scenes happenings of the Greek Festival, be sure to visit the event’s Facebook page.